I would cheerfully argue that I am an eclectic with regards to music, but also with regards to writing. Last time, you may have seen, I wrote a philosophy essay (which is in my opinion different to a philosophical essay) but recently I was thinking about some of the things I do every day, grooming and style. Now, I have written a couple of pieces here already about style but none yet on grooming, which sort of comes first both logically and temporally (clearly I cannot escape philosophical jargon even when I try).

So, I thought it would be a good idea to list some of my grooming ‘hacks’ or, rather, ‘tips’ because they are useful, tried and tested and are woefully unknown by the majority of men that I meet. For something which now seems so basic to me, it becomes even more strange as to why I am but one of the few adherents. Although I will not be listing information for women (since the grooming regimen of men and women are of course totally different), I have also encountered many women who are also lazy in this area, sometimes as much as men can be.

Anyway, let us begin with some basics and I hope for any male readers it is of some use.

  1. Simple & Sound Skincare Routine

What is one of those? Basically, your skincare routine should be simple enough to adhere to every day but also rigorous enough that it will make a difference. A splash of water on your face in the morning simply won’t wash… literally. So, this is what you need:

  • An inexpensive but good Face Wash or Cleanser (once/twice a day)
  • A really light and fresh moisturiser (twice a day, morning and night: no exceptions)
  • Exfoliator (at least once a week, twice maximum).
  • Face Mask (once a week) – Optional but highly recommended.

Further to that, one may also find benefit in actually going to a clinic of sorts and asking for a microdermabrasion treatment. Girly? No, because it is a very technical form of treatment, it’s not cheap per se, but the difference it makes is immediately visible and does last. I suffered from terrible acne as a teenager and have even been scarred by some of it, and so a good skincare routine helps with that but isn’t powerful enough to remove that damage and scarring. I went for such a treatment and it was absolutely worth it.

Extra Tip: Buy face wipes. Especially in the summer when your face will naturally be more oily (or if your someone who has oily skin in any case). You can’t wash and moisturise your face all day (certainly not more than twice), that’s bad, but simply removing the build-up throughout the day once or twice with a cleansing face wipe is life-saver. I practically lived off them when I was in Belgium last year marching around the capital when it was 30+ degrees.

2. Sweating.

A problem literally no one admits to really. But there is one small hack which I have found to be useful. Sometimes one can take a shower, put deodorant on, get dressed and then suddenly one is sweating again. Why? Well, it’s because your body temperature is all over the place. Even though you get a cold breezy feeling after you get out the shower, your body temperature will continue to rise for the next 5-10 minutes, so putting deodorant on straight away is pretty much useless, as would be to do so and get dressed (making your temperature rise even more). So, after a shower, just wait around for 5-10 minutes, cool down, tidy up etc… and then put deodorant on.

It’s important because who feels their best when they’re sweating? Who looks the best?

3. Cologne

I hope we can take it as a given that all men are wearing cologne when they step out the door, but it can be applied wrongly and thus superfluously. So, how to apply it? The body has ‘hot spots’, and these places are where cologne is worn the best because when the fragrance is warm, its scent permeates and lasts longer as well as spreads further ( which is what you want).

Spray once on your wrists, back of the neck (rear ear area) and on your chest. Spraying a cloud of mist and walking in to it is just good stuff down the swanny.

4. Electric Toothbrush.

One might think that it doesn’t really matter, how big can the difference be? But a manual toothbrush is so inadequate in comparison that having to use one occasionally (when travelling) is annoying. An electric toothbrush actually cleans the teeth hundreds of times more per second than a manual. Need I say more?

5. Trim Up Between Haircuts.

It seems that for about 50% of the time I am actually cutting my own hair. When you have hair as thick and straight as mine, medium length hairstyles simply do not work without tedious labour, so it must be either very long or very short. I kind of have both. Long on top, short on the back sides. But the sides grow ferousciously fast and can dramatically change the shape of the cut if too long. It’s therefore necessary to keep the sides trimmed.

So, every 10-14 days I will use a good trimmer and neaten up the sides, but even without my particular hairstyle, and if you have a relatively short hairstyle of any kind, then you should always tidy up the ears and neck area. Run the edge of the trimmer around the ears, down the back of the neckline and flat along the neckline itself. And then shave that area properly (with an extra mirror).

It’s not a comprehensive list but it is somewhat essential and all together it makes a big difference. I defy anyone to tell me different, least not any respectable woman.